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Vitality Tonic Drink

This safe and nutritious herbal tonic drink is now becoming a very popular dietary within modern societies. It is a perfect natural energiser and invigorator. It boosts natural energy levels, increases stamina and endurance, balances hormones, boosts testosterone, helps relieve menstrual problems, act as an aphrodisiac, and is even though to help with the symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety. These well rounded effects come hand in hand with a good dose of vitamins, minerals and other healthy acids – it is an all-round super food. 

Somandla Vitality Tonic drink is best used to jumpstart your day or to get that pre-workout boost — it’s like a wake-up call for your energy and mood.



Why Somandla?

It can help with

Women's Health
Men's sexual Health
Immune boost


I am diabetic and it's been 6 years now. I was up and down in hospital and my diabetic going up to 24 if it's low is 15. I heard about Somandla on Jozi FM and I decided to take chances and buy it ...wooow this medicine is a miracle I have been using it since three weeks I see a very big difference last week Tuesday I was at clinic guese what my diabetic was 8, I am so happy

Maqholo Mahlaokane


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